Andy Saari is an experienced automotive technician and dedicated trainer.

He brings technical knowledge to his work but more importantly, a drive to cultivate positive growth in his community. After years of excellence in technical service, Andy shifted his focus to helping the automotive industry by training others. By mentoring and training automotive technicians, he ensures that determined individuals have the resources they need to succeed. His leadership and guidance ensures that the dealerships he serves have consistent quality in their staff and are able to provide optimal customer service.

As a Technical Trainer & Recruiter, Andy assists dealerships across Minnesota and Wisconsin to find the people they need to get the job done right every time. Additionally, by working with automotive technician apprentices, he is able to pass his knowledge to others in a meaningful way leading to personal and professional growth. It is his passion for growth that inspires him to help others on their professional journey. For Andy, seeing those he trains and mentors succeed is a point of pride, and a rewarding experience. Always eager to give back to the community, he happily shares his knowledge, education, and experience with the next generation of skilled technicians.